No chemicals, No consumables, Contactless and Efficient at 360° 

Scientific approval: evaluated by a bacteriological analysis laboratory,
using the NF EN 13697 ‘Antiseptic and chemical disinfectant’ norm. 



The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the risk of contamination in all types of transportation. The coronavirus adds to the risk of car interiors which due to their warm, humid environments, are natural "nests" for bacteria and germs.
A study carried out in2011 by the Queen Mary University in London showed that the back seats of cars can contain more than 700 bacteria/cm², which is more than 8 times that of a typical toilet seat. 


To disinfect your vehicle, we use germicidal ultraviolet light which quickly destroys the DNA/RNA of bacteria, fungi, viruses and the coronavirus.
Ultraviolet light of type C (UV-C) has been used for decades to disinfect operating theatres, medical equipment and even water.


Disinfection in 2 minutes with UVmobi on-demand
1- Close the 4 windows of your vehicle, ready for disinfection,
2- From the outside and via one of the car windows, an operator installs 4 ultraviolet lamps,
3- The operator activates the four lamps via a control box which starts the two minute disinfection

4- The operator removes the four ultraviolet lamps from inside the vehicle.


No! When used by professionals, virucidal ultraviolet light is not dangerous.
The rays are blocked by the body of the car, the windshield and all other materials, however thin. We apply a very strict protocol. No-one is allowed near the vehicle throughout the disinfection process.
The interior of your car is safe too. Our tests have shown that it is only after 1500 consecutive disinfection procedures that a very slight change in colour can be detected in some of the plastic materials used inside the car.